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Legends And Myths

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Mythological Catastrophe:

The Druids of ancient times had no illusions about the stability of the planet, or about the other planets in othe solar system. They had inherited knowledge of earlier catastrophic happenings, and this led them to believe that the earth would be destroyed by fire and water. But they always preached that the universe and the souls of those living in it are indestructible. In the legendary voyage of Snedgus and McRiagla there is an island with two lakes, one of fire and the other one of water.

In the Mythological cycle we are told that the world will end when the sun and moon will be mixed together. The Sorcerer Mathgen promised to cast the mountains of Ireland on the Fomoire, and that the lakes and islands of Ireland would be hidden from the Fomoire, and that the Druid Figol would cause three showers of fire to fall upon the faces of the enemy and that Dagda, Lug and Ogma spent seven years making weapons and preparing for battle in the heavens. *

The Massacre of Croydon:

In 35AD an Iron Age settlement were wiped out in one night and as legend has it, they were killed by their own people when a “civil dispute” broke out after making camp on a Bronze age barrow in Croydon, Surrey. (Recorded by monks of the Croydon Catholic Churches).

But the other settlements  nearby had a different tale to tell.  They told stories of screams and bloody cries coming from the top of the mound, surrounded by forest.  They spoke of Druids who had inadvertently opened a sacred doorway within the forest and released an alternative universe that let in versions of themselves. The story goes that these visions of their own evil selves created such a state of mania and confusion that the people turned on each other. The doorway has become a source of debate among Druids of today, with many saying such energy should never be released, however if one were to open this doorway on a particular date, with the right rituals taking place, the energy of the alternate universe could be controlled.

Alexander the Great and the meeting of a Celtic Druid Prince:

On the lower Danube in 335 BC, Alexander was only 21 years of age and was publicly establishing the river as the northern boundary of Greece. Alexander called for the allegiance of all the peoples south of the Danube. A Celtic Prince came to see Alexander. Only two sentences have survived on record. Alexander put the following question -“Tell me O Prince, what is it that you and your people fear most?”The reply holds race memories of cataclysms and shows the courage of the Celtic race. The Celtic Prince replies….”Only that the heavens might fall on our heads”. *

Druids and astrology:

Our ancestors respected the external forces and factors that affected their lives. To them the earth did not shake by chance. Their challenge was to discover what caused these dreadful happenings, and to do this they watched the heavens. In the Senchus Mor, we learn that seven divisions of the firmament above the earth were recognized, consisting of the moon, mercury, venus, the sun, mars, jupiter and saturn. About the stars they believed ” as a shell is about an egg, the firmament is about the earth. They believed that the twelve constellations represented the year and that the sun runs through one each month. They believed that the earth was enclosed by a solid sky, outside of which was the Gods. The sun, moon, the planets and the stars were associated with these Gods. Celtic belief is that horses draw the chariot of the sun across the sky into the other world, to rest and then return in the morning. Comets were seen as the armies of the Gods. Today’s popular hobby of astrology has its origins in this memory, and from this the factual science of astronomy was born. *

The stone of destiny:

The Lia Falwhich was brought to Ireland by the Tuatha De Dannan, and a stone with this name is still within the Royal Fortress at Tara, although it is no longer beside the passage cairn, it is only 400 yards from its original site (there is a story that the real Lia Fail is now in Scone, Scotland but was once under the coronation seat at Westminster). Here we have a King making astronomical observations, and declaring his interest in ” hostile aerial beings” at a temple that was at that time thousands of years old. The cairn at Tara is even today brilliantly illuminated at the time of two important Celtic festivals; Samhain in early November and Imbolc in early February. *

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Legend of a mystical tree archway that leads to the Otherworld where the universe is parallel and can be controlled by whoever instigates the opening of the archway's energy. Many druids believe this is a powerful portal that should only be used by the wise and just.

Modern Druid Cult

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Although modern day Druid tribes deny any affiliation with the darker ritualistic beliefs of old, there is evidence that some groups have broken away to form their own dark cult.

Believed to have formed in the early 70’s as a break off druidist movement from the more esoteric Golden Dawn.

Little is known of their movements. They keep their rituals very private but Undercoverdruid can report their factions have been growing. Yet quite who they are following is unknown.


• Like the ancient Druids, this group practice rituals related to important calendar events.
• They believe their own version of the Otherworld: another reality that parallels our own and can be controlled if accessed at a very specific date and time. (unknown).
• Those who control the Otherworld have power to change reality as they see fit.
• They believe in the ancient art of stick/bone divination

Used for games and divination in Celtic and Druid societies

There are reports they practice ritualistic sacrifice. Undercoverdruid has found evidence of animal slaughter around various ancient burial mounds.

UNCONFIRMED: Human Sacrifice
We have sporadic rumours that The Followers believe and engage in human sacrifice (scroll to Celts) related to their belief in the Otherworld.

These are unsubstantiated but such things are now considered part of ancient druid practice.

Source: Undercoverdruid

Druid Cults

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No one can trace a birth lineage of Druids from old times to the present, though some try and some maintain documented claims to prove it. The Druids formed the intellectual class in Celtic society. They existed during pre-Roman culture of Iron Age Europe, through to the first century BCE. 1

They performed the functions of modern day priests, teachers, ambassadors, astronomers, genealogists, philosophers, musicians, theologians, scientists, poets and judges. Druids led all public rituals, which were normally held within fenced groves of sacred trees or sacred mounds. They were very ritualistic, using their priesthoods to perform rites and rituals. 1

By the 7th Century A.D., Druidism itself was destroyed or continued deeply underground throughout most of the formerly Celtic lands.

After a first century B.C. visit to Britain, the Romans came back with horrific stories about these high-ranking priests of the Celts, who had spread throughout much of Europe over a roughly 2,000-year period. 3

It is now widely believed by historians that the ancient Druids performed human sacrifices. 2, 3
As evident in some of the famous Peat/bog bodies found; people were flogged, tortured, and sexually molested before they were killed by having their hearts torn out while they were still alive. They were known for their extreme cruelty and barbarity in their magic. 2, 3

Cult Beliefs:
• They believed many goddesses and gods.
• They believed the dead were transported to the Otherworld. Life continued in this location much as it had before death. After the person died in the Otherworld, they would reincarnate into another human body.
• The Druids used many divination techniques to foretell the future: meditation, study of the flight of birds, interpreting dreams, and interpreting the pattern of sticks thrown to the ground. 2

Druids of today?

Most Druids of today are deeply in touch with the spirit of the Green World. With deep respect for nature and their environment.  From time to time this spirit – the spirit of Druidry – breaks in upon the world anew, and expresses itself in new places and new contexts. In this way, contemporary Druids are both new, and old. 1

With their powers of divination, the druids’ authority in the modern world is creeping forth. Of old, their supposed ability to foretell the future made the druids a vital source of information, equally able to advise the community on when to start the harvesting and the king on when to go to war. Like Arthur’s adviser, Merlin, the druids wielded a power based on their superior insight into the workings of the universe. 1  It is this insight and authority into the universe they seek to bring forth again.